Finishing School

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Government has granted Sanction for establishing Finishing School for providing training on Technical and Soft Skills to enhance the employability of Diploma Pssout and the Final Year Students Studying in Polytechnic College and there by making the Polytechnic Education System in the State more attractive. The aim of starting Finishing School is to bridge the gap between the Competencies expected of by the present day employer and to make the one developed by the institutions highly competent to meet the needs of the world of work. Further Government have directed the undersigned to chalk out method of operation of the Finishing School.

  • The Finishing School shall provide training so as to acquire technical skill in Computer, Telecommunication, Information Technology, Networking and also in Soft Skills.
  • The target group for the training shall consist of unemployed Diploma Passouts including those Diploma passouts of Kerala who have completed the Course out side the State and the Final Year Students of Polytechnic Colleges.
  • As a first step, the Finishing School shall function in selected Seventeen Polytechnic Colleges in the State (Particularly Nodal Polytechnics) and three Women Polytechnic under the direct control of the respective Principals.