General Workshop

General Workshop

General Workshop forms an integral part of the Institution as it is heavily involved in carrying out the practical oriented study of various manufacturing activities with the help of some sophisticated equipments and machineries and tools.Basic Engineering workshop curriculum is framed in all engineering/technology diploma programmes so as to make all the students proficient in the use of hand tools, equipments and machineries in various workshop sections like Machine Shop, Welding, Carpentry, Fitting, Sheet metal, Smithy, Foundry etc. Also with the assistance of quality supporting staff, students are able to carry out the fabrication work for their project work as part of their course study.

Fitting: In fitting shop various processes are performed on metals to give them desired shape and size and fit them with mating part. Both ferrous and non ferrous metals are dealt in this section.

Sheet Metal: Provides with the necessary skills and techniques to work in the sheet metal fabrication occupation, giving you instruction in the use of portable power tools, sheet metal working equipment, shearing machine, bending machine etc. Learn to create various sheet metal articles such as trays, cups, jars, ducts etc.

Welding: A well maintained and advanced Welding section is another attraction of the General Workshop. Welding Provides hands on introduction to the common welding processes used in industry. Course will include SMAW, Oxy-acetylene Gas welding, MIG, TIG as well as appropriate safety pro

Carpentry: Carpentry is a skilled trade in which the primary work performed is the use of wood to construct items as large as buildings and as small as desk drawers. In carpentry shop students learn to do wood-work like to make wooden furniture, wooden articles etc.

Phone Number & email ID of Staff Members

Name Designation  Mobile  E-mail
Viswanathan. K Workshop S.S. 9249725241 [email protected]
Babilesh T Workshop Instructor 9746454035 [email protected]
Arun A R Workshop Instructor 9656028667 [email protected]
Farsad K Workshop Instructor 9497350665 [email protected]
Atheekhu rahman k Workshop Instructor 9495607191 [email protected]
Vasu K K Trade instructor 8086553723 [email protected]
Madhusoodanan K M Trade instructor 9048516340 [email protected]
Sadik ibnu saleem Trade instructor 9447350061
Vineeshkumar M Trade instructor 9048045922 [email protected]
Abhilash A P Trades man 9539764609 [email protected]
Anoop K Trades man 9526919185 [email protected]
Nigheesh V Trades man 9633933005 [email protected]