Bhoomithrasena club

As per G.O (Rt) No 45/09/Envt. Dated 27/06/2009, A new scheme entitled “BHOOMITHRASENA” has been started in this state under the state plan scheme for the colleges of the state for strengthening the commitments of students towards environmental protection. Govt. Polytechnic College, Adoor has been selected for the formation of BHOOMITHRASENA CLUB (BMC) in 2009.


  • To provide environmental education opportunities for college students and involve them in addressing environmental issues of the locality.
  • To utilize the enormous manpower available with college students as conduits for awareness of the society.
  • To make students practice and advocate sustainable lifestyles.


Selection will be based on first cum first serve basis. Selected members should participate all programmes of BMC. Those participants will only be considered for environmental tour and other nature visiting programmes conducted by BMC


  • Organise seminars, debates, lectures and popular talks on environmental issues in the college.
  • Field visit to local environmentally important sites including polluted and degraded sites, wild life parks etc.
  • Organise awareness camps to propagate waste minimization, personal hygiene habits and sustainable life styles.
  • Mobilise awareness action against environmentally unsound practices like unauthorized places, unsafe disposal of hospital waste etc.
  • Action based activities like tree plantation, cleanliness drives within and outside the college campus. Construct water harvesting structures in college. Practice paper recycling
  • Prepare inventories of polluting sources; take mitigation measures if possible, and if not, forward it to enforcement agencies.
  • Monitor the water quality of water bodies in and around the college campus, including drinking water sources.
  • Curriculum related assignments in local environmental concerns including sampling for pollution, biodiversity survey, waste management survey, documentation of indigenous traditional knowledge etc.
  • Prepare locally relevant resource material and get it printed.

 Important Days

World Wet Land Day 2nd February
World Foresty Day 21st March
Earth Day 21st April
International Bio Diversity Day 22nd May
World Environment Day 5th June
World Population Day 11th July
World Ozone Day 16th September
Animal Welfare Day 4th October
National Pollution Preventing Day 2nd December

Bhoomithrasena Cordinator

Salman A.W

Tradesman Workshop

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