General Section

The Department of General Subjects has been part of this institution since its inception. The department consists of faculties of Chemistry,Physics,Mathematics and English. They are deputed from various government colleges under the Department of Collegiate Education.The Department of Technical Education has included these subjects in the diploma course in order to make the students grasp the essentials of Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics as these are the preliminaries of technical subjects.Communicative English is part of the curriculum because of its key role in the technical field.

Phone Number & email ID of Staff Members

Name Designation  Phone E-mail
Pramodkumar K P Asst. Proffessor 9447531231
Mubeen M Asst. Proffessor 9497712938
Jinju S Asst.Professor 9446190617
Mujeeb Rahman C H Asst. Proffessor 9447335185
Madhu N Asst. Proffessor 9400365932
Jayachandran K Phy. Edn. 94966014938


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