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Electronic engineering, or electronics engineering is a form of engineering associated with electronic circuits, devices and the equipment and systems that use them.Electronic engineering utilises a variety of different types of electronic components from the more traditional analogue components through to digital electronic components, microprocessors and microcontrollers as well as programmable logic devices. This means that electronic engineering can incorporate a large variety of different areas.The field of electronic engineering includes a variety more specific electronic engineering fields including: analogue electronics, digital electronics, consumer electronics, embedded systems and power electronics.

Phone Number & email ID of Staff Members

Name Designation Phone No Email ID
Rajesh P H O S 8157828283 p_rajesh@email.com
Prakash P Lecturer 9497122945 pks1.gptc@gmail.com
Raveendran T K Lecturer 9446727388 ravitk1970@yahoo.com
Sheeba M H Lecturer 9447393113 mhsheeba@gmail.com
Jamseer. N Lecturer 9846597471 jamsheern@gmail.com
Saani H Lecturer 9947875686 saanishameer@gmail.com
Sreedevi V S Demonstrator 8075204761  
Pradeep P Demonstrator 8086826106  
Sunil Scraria T Trade instructor 9446920227 sunilscaria74@gmail.com
Jafarali T P Trade instructor 9846928285 jahfaralikodumudi@gmail.com
Diana Jose Tradesman 8301869471 dianabinu@gmail.com
Shinila P Guest lecturer 9746705928 shinila89@gmail.com


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